Public and Private Schools


  • Epping Middle/High School Additions, $12.5 Million Project Budget
    Epping, New Hampshire 
  • Profile High School, $11.0 Million Project Budget
    Bethlehem, New Hampshire 
  • Nute High School Addition, $3.6 Million Project Cost
    Milton, New Hampshire 
  • Gilford Middle High School Addition and Renovation, $18 Million Budget
    Gilford, New Hampshire 
  • Media and Technology Center, 50,000 Square-Feet
    St. John’s High School, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts 
  • Performing Arts Center, 130,000 Square-Feet
    Pinkerton Academy, Derry, New Hampshire 
  • Meeting House Theater, 20,000 Square-Feet
    Proctor Academy, Andover New Hampshire 
  • Science Building, 12,000 Square-Feet
    Waring School, Beverly, Massachusetts 
  • Maxwell Savage Building Addition and Renovation, $5.5 Million Budget
    Proctor Academy, Andover, New Hampshire 
  • Winnisquam Regional Middle-High School Addition, 76,600 Square-Feet
    Tilton, New Hampshire 
  • Londonderry High School Additions and Renovation, $10.7 Million Budget
    Londonderry, New Hampshire 
  • Exeter Cooperative Middle School, 175,000 Square-Feet
    Exeter, New Hampshire 
  • Hudson Middle School Addition and Renovation, 75,000 Square-Feet
    Hudson, New Hampshire 
  • Belmont High School, 76,000 Square-Feet
    Belmont, New Hampshire 
  • Riddlebrook Elementary School, 62,000 Square-Feet
    Bedford, New Hampshire 

Projects include work performed while with other engineering firms